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Target Electricals follows a strict and unspoiled Quality Policy. This is to deliver perfectly finished electrical indication equipment to the clients and provide with an on time delivery

Target Electricals has implemented a quality system in order to assure our customers of the high standards of quality that we strive to achieve.

Ultimate client satisfaction, no compromise on the quality of goods produced and bringing down any disruption to ZERO LEVEL is the only aim at Target Electricals.

For once, nothing works like loud noise and flashing lights in alerting people of a possible mishap. High power voice alert devices can prove to be invaluable in warning people, in due course they turn out life saving. We at Target Electricals know this well even as supplying avant-garde indication devices which may be used for a variety of purposes. Electronic Hooter, Buzzers, Led Indicating Lights, Electronic Alarm, Tower Lights are among the indication devices ready at our fully equipped unit in South Mumbai. These equipments come more than handy for a variety of purposes namely troubleshoot indications, warnings, signals and alarms. We have catered to many leading enterprises giving them reassurance that somewhere in a corner of their company premises is a alarm to alert them in a possible worst case scenario.


Quality Management

The quality management system is structured into four levels as described below. This manual forms one part of the four level quality systems.
The quality management system is established and documented as per the structure given below and implemented & maintained by concerned or relevant personnel.

Dear Client

We thank you for your overwhelming response to the Bus bar indication and tower lamps. Monitoring and measuring activities are used throughout the organization to ensure that we achieve product conformity, customer satisfaction and are able to improve the quality management system , products & services.

They Say

We have regularly purchased alarms, hooters, alarms and flashers from Target Electricals over the years. There have hardly been times when these equipments haven’t worked properly. while the fact that ‘Target’ have got client’s welcome inclusion to a number of their indication equipments is also a matter of pride for us

industrial Application

  • Machine & Factory Equipments
  • Automated Material Handling
  • Textile, Packaging
  • Moulding Machinery
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • Telecommunication Equipments
  • Public Information Display

Factory automation. Machine tool.. Vehicle. Road and railway. Distribution, automatic transfer and material handling. Building, facility and parking. Vessel. Security and disaster prevention. Signboard and advertisement. Leisure and amusement.