What is the sound output level of a hooter?

The industrial hooters as provided by us have an absolutely great sound output. High sound is very much needed to alert the occupants in premises of a possible danger. A good industrial hooter comes with a sound output of 95- 100 dbs. It is tested at meter range. There are other devices which have a volume sound output that comes in AC & DC options.

Can I change the mounting of the hooter?

 No, you cannot change the mounting of a hooter. There are however special products which may be fitted with a bracket as that would serve your purpose. Electronic hooters, Electronic Hooter with Flasher, Single Multi or Fault Indication Hooter, Electronic Hooter with Detachable Speaker, base mounting, flush mounting are just some of the hooters in our exclusive catalogue.

How do you support your products? What do I do in case I receive a damaged good or a defective piece?

We will readily replace any defective equipment without charging you a penny extra or for that matter wasting any of your further time. This is however a rarity with us as each unit of equipment goes under the scanner while under production. Only the fittest of equipments are packed ready for use. Still if by any chance there is an unexpected damage the good will be immediately replaced with a fine working indicative product.

Do you also provide with bus bar indication ?

Yes we do provide with bus bar indicators as well. These can be of great efficiency when used on Over Head/EOT cranes/hoists where replacement of bulbs is extremely difficult. They are widely used as a power feeding system for light duty and medium duty of overhead cranes. This be at manufacturing shops, warehouses, material storage yards, etc. They may as well be used as Panel type indication.

Can I change tower light sequence?

No, a tower light sequence cannot be changed manually. However we would be more then pleased to provide you with a customized power light sequence depending on your requirement.

We need wiring diagram in tower sector; do you supply it with the products?
Yes. We provide you with absolute wiring diagrams as well as the needy equipments which are again the most advanced and the latest of models. Depending on the area size we would thus provide with ample indicative products as needed to set up a proper alarm system in a tower sector. The absolute transparency in the communication sees you being aware of everything from the very descriptions of the indicative products to be installed as well as their prices.
Which are the best indicative products for CNC machines, and injection molding machine material handling equipments, steamers and control panels?

There is an assortment of indicative equipments to be chosen from readily which work very potently when used in a combination. These include Tower lights, hooters, hooter with flashers, flasher, revolving lights etc. These reliable gadgets provide with optimum safety and alertness. In the mean time hooters and hooters with revolving lights are indispensable for steamers. The various types of alarm system can be efficiently used in different industries.

We are having injection molding machines, what do you suggest for indicting product time over?
Tower light and flasher is the thing for you to go for. These come in a range as far as the number of lights involved is concerned. One may have from one to five lights in a tower stack .None the less you would also do good to go for voltage rating from a leading accreditation giving organization.
Earlier I had light indication for my textile machines, I lost many meters of clothes, what do you suggest?
Even you would do good to go for hooter tower lights with a buzzer. This will give you better alertness and superior machine status indication. This will result in avoiding of the losses as you have unfortunately experienced previously.
Where are tower lamps used ?
Tower lamps are used for alarm and machine status indication. They send both audio and visual signal used in CNC, injection molding etc. they come in twp types. There are tower lamps which are completely on while others which flash at intervals. The tower lamps as provided by us apart from being of the finest make are also Vibration proof and have an extremely Long Life.
If I choose to become your loyal customer, What should I expect in return?
People choose to become a company’s loyal customers only after thoroughly being satisfied with that company’s products and services for years. When it comes to the electrical indication equipment category we constantly look at bettering ourselves and further pushing the limits to give you simply better then the best. For the same we at Target Electricals follow our quality policy and objectives without any compromise. This apart, through our management review meetings, internal audits, self-assessment, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions, we see to it that we are constantly on a innovation and improvement path.